Tech - Premium HelpScout Template

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Tech is our premium HelpScout Template designed for cutting edge tech startups and companies.

Why purchasing Tech Premium HelpScout Template?

Tech HelpScout Template is a great template option for the following reasons:

Simple & Easy: It was developed with easy editability in mind, so you will be able to set it up as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Premium Design: Tech HelpScout template follows the latest design trends of 2023. Meaning your Help Center will have a world-class premium design.

Perfectly Responsive: Tech template is perfectly responsive, so it looks great on mobile, tablet, laptop, desktop, or any other device.

Customizable: It includes a simple and easy video documentation, so you can easily customize it in less than 60 minutes.

Affordable: Buying Tech premium HelpScout template is 5-10x cheaper and faster than hiring a Front-end developer to customize your Help Center CSS stylesheet.

Great Support: If you have any problem or bug, feel free to send us an email to — We will be ready to help you.

Want to view a high-quality preview of the Tech Template (as Gumroad's image quality is low on certain devices)? Feel free to do so on the following links: Preview 1, Preview 2, Preview 3.

What's included?

  • Template CSS Stylesheet for HelpScout
  • Editable Figma File
  • Video Documentation

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Tech Premium Template for your HelpScout Help Center.

HelpScout Template
Video Documentation
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Tech - Premium HelpScout Template

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